A Retired Engineer’s Cool Inventions

Seth Goldstein was a biomedical engineer at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland for 37 years. When he retired thirteen years ago, he needed something new to do.

So Goldstein, who has four degrees in mechanical and electrical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, started making “kinetic sculptures.” Basically, these are machines that move.

One of Goldstein’s inventions is the “Ro-Bow,” a device that plays a violin. Its repertoire consists of “Hello Dolly” and “Amazing Grace,” plus a few other songs.

His other creations include a machine (“Why Knot?”) that ties a necktie and “Cram Guy,” a moving sculpture of a student cramming for an exam.

“I delight in creating kinetic sculpture machines which are novel, aesthetic, and unexpected, and which also can inspire, entertain, and demonstrate the power of engineering,” says the 75-year-old Goldstein on his website.

As observed in this New York Times article, “He is pushing the envelope of engineering and hoping to stir the imaginations of young engineers to push their own envelopes.”  Looks like he’s having fun, too.

Here’s a video that shows the Ro-Bow in action.


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10 Responses to A Retired Engineer’s Cool Inventions

  1. Wow, that’s pretty amazing!

  2. tubspeaks says:

    It’s really never too late. There is no limit to man’s creativity and talent. Congratulations to people who always try to make this world a better place, regardless of age.

    • Lynne Strang says:

      Thank goodness for the social entrepreneurs out there who look for innovative solutions to society’s most pressing problems. Encore.org features some truly impressive examples of these folks who are age 60 and older.

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