Book, Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs

CoverDesignFinalVersionIf they can do it, so can you.

Are you a boomer or Gen Xer who wants to start a business? Do you wonder if you have what it takes to make it happen? Could you use some insights and encouragement from others who became successful entrepreneurs later in life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you’ve come to the right place.

Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business after Age 40 features dozens of 40-and-older entrepreneurs, including some who were first introduced on this blog. They’ll tell you, in their own words, about the ups and downs of owning a business and what enabled them to succeed.

At the heart of the book are eight simple-but-effective principles these late bloomers followed to launch and build profitable businesses. In addition, you’ll find:

  • Valuable insights on managing risk, retirement, money, family responsibilities, relationships, health and other possible roadblocks that can worry aspiring older entrepreneurs
  • Uplifting stories about everyday people who took a big leap and reinvented themselves
  • Ten action steps at the end of each chapter to make the principles work for you and your business idea
  • A networking approach that “pays it forward” while producing lasting business relationships
  • Worksheets to help you get a handle on your strengths-weaknesses and your money management skills
  • A list of useful resources that can provide you with the information and support you’ll need to get your business off the ground

Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business after Age 40 shows why the second half of life can be the right time to start a business. This easy, conversational read delivers a healthy dose of inspiration — and leaves you with the belief that you’re never too old to go after what you want.

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What Others Are Saying About Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs

“A must-read for anyone regardless of their age bracket or generation, but especially for Baby Boomers.”  (Read the full review here)

— Ivana Taylor, Small Business Trends


“It’s never too late to start your own business. Strang’s dozens of interviews with boomer entrepreneurs identified eight common threads”….(read the full review here).

— Jim Pawlak, Biz Books


“While this book was written with entrepreneurs in their 40s, 50s or 60s in mind, it’s actually a great read for every generation—whether you already have a business or are thinking of starting one. It touches on universally relevant issues like:

• Managing risk
• Retirement
• Family responsibilities
• Relationships
• Health
• Other obstacles any entrepreneur might face

Best of all, every chapter ends with action steps you can take to make your business idea a reality. And the inspiration you’ll get from this book will make you believe that you’re never too old to dream big and go for it!”

— NAWBO ONE, the monthly online publication of the National Association of Women Business Owners


“A well-written book that’s organized and easy to follow, with upfront stories, research and ten ‘Now What’ action items in each chapter. I especially liked the ‘In a Nutshell’ section at the end.”

— Steve Gladis, Ph.D., CEO, Steve Gladis Leadership Partners and Author, Positive Leadership


“What you’ll find in Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs are critical principals for entrepreneurial success presented in a lively, entertaining manner through the words of entrepreneurs themselves. Specifically written for the 40+ age entrepreneur, the author answers essential questions and provides key information through a wealth of anecdotes, success stories, and action steps targeted to this group of nascent entrepreneurs. Ten-point checklists at the end of each chapter provide practical advice and easy steps for implementing winning ideas in your own business. I highly recommend this book as a guide to business startup and growth.”

— Mary Beth Izard, Author, BoomerPreneurs: How Baby Boomers Can Start Their Own Business, Make Money and Enjoy Life and President, Acheve Consulting


“Lynne Strang has extracted some memorable ‘lessons learned’ from many successful late-blooming business owners, providing just the right balance of storytelling and practical do’s and don’ts. The book is a valuable resource for professionals ready to take risk and start out into the new world of entrepreneurship.”

— Len Forkas, Founder and President, Milestone Communications, Inc.


“Lynne understands entrepreneurship and late bloomers. I wish I had this book when I became an accidental entrepreneur at age 40. It’s filled with practical, proven advice from dozens of entrepreneurs who know the realities of starting a business as a mid-life adventure.”

— Jim Horan, Author, Speaker and President, The One Page Business Plan Company


“Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs fills an important need for the many boomers who’ve decided to take the entrepreneurial path. They’re far more likely to succeed if they read and internalize its lessons. The book is both practical and inspirational – practical in that it outlines the specific challenges of starting your own business, inspirational in that it makes one realize that others who’ve succeeded have experienced – and overcome – many of the same problems you’ll encounter. And, given the increasing uncertainty of traditional retirement plans (underfunding, demographics), Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs provides a useful guide to all those seeking a more secure economic future.  Financial independence is a goal that many will be pursuing in an increasingly uncertain world. Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs is a most useful guide to all translating their pre-40 skills into a successful marketable commodity. A useful and educational book for all fledgling entrepreneurs.”

— Fred Smith, Founder and Chairman, Competitive Enterprise Institute


“Through the experiences of successful entrepreneurs, learn what you need to know about becoming your own boss. Even if you don’t intend to start your own business, you will find this book an interesting read.”

— Judith Cohart, President, Personal Finance Employee Education Foundation


“A great mix of story and advice, doled out in very accessible chunks. Any late-blooming entrepreneur would be lucky to have this book as his/her bible. I wish I’d had it when I started freelancing.”

— Joanne Lozar Glenn, Writer, Editor and Educator,


“Great book filled with excellent examples, case studies and advice.”

— Rebecca Flansburg,


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