Five Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs 40 and Older

Longevity, opportunity and living life to its fullest. Those are some of the themes you’ll find in the following five TED Talks. Enjoy.

“How to live passionately — no matter your age” —  Author Isabel Allende, 71, gives a candid talk about her fears as she gets older and how she plans to keep on living passionately.

“Life’s third act” — Jane Fonda, who has had multiple careers as an actor, activist and fitness guru, talks about the extra 30 years that have been added to the average life expectancy, and how we can think about this phase of our lives.

“How to live to be 100+” — National Geographic writer and explorer Dan Buettner shares nine common diet and lifestyle habits found among certain communities whose elders live long past the rest of us.

“How to make work-life balance work” — Author and marketer Nigel Marsh lays out an ideal day balanced between family time, personal time and productivity — and offers some stirring encouragement to make it happen.

“Older people are happier” — Psychologist Laura Carstensen shows research that demonstrates people become happier, more content and more positive about the world as they get older.

About Lynne Strang

I'm a freelance writer who helps organizations and individuals meet their marketing and communications goals. I am also the author of "Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40." To learn more, please visit my website:
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14 Responses to Five Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs 40 and Older

  1. Great blog, things you can apply even now.

    • Lynne Strang says:

      Thanks. I’d agree that the ideas/beliefs featured in the above TED Talks are ones you can apply today. Take Isabel Allende’s talk, for example. We can all benefit from learning how to live passionately, right?

  2. LeftofStr8 says:

    Really enjoyed watching these, thank you so much for sharing

    • Lynne Strang says:

      You’re welcome. Looks like you’re writing about a timely and controversial topic (Indiana’s religious freedom bill) on your blog. I like your most recent post’s closing line: “Be vocal, but offer the same respect we are trying to achieve.” It’s good advice that could apply to all kinds of causes.

  3. Thanks for the wonderful article and will try to apply some of these.

    • Lynne Strang says:

      It may take awhile but that’s okay. I imagine the TED Talk speakers in this post would agree since they needed time to develop their ideas and their presentations. Thanks for reading.

  4. Shared your blog on my page. I started a company at age 42 and I’m soooo happy but achieving a healthy, wealthy and wise lifestyle has been hard. Its amazing how quotes help motivate you! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Tech Talk says:

    These are actually inspiring for all budding entrepreneurs, and I think the age is not strictly a factor.

    • Lynne Strang says:

      True, but the messages in these TED talks may resonate a bit more deeply with older entrepreneurs. The longer you’ve been on this planet, the more you appreciate and value the years that have been given to you (that’s been my experience, anyway). Thank you for commenting.

  6. I am 52 and after 20 years on the cutting edge of internet tech, I thought I was pretty much burned out. I also write for a hobby/parttime but now I am starting in SEO. It’s a big challenge, not mentally but my body doesn’t want to do the hours or cope with the stress anymore! Good to see some people facing similar challenges!

    • Lynne Strang says:

      You have plenty of company. Hopefully the new SEO business will reinvigorate you. If not, maybe it’s time to do something else — like writing full time if that’s what you would truly enjoy. Just something to think about. Good luck.

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