6 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (Well, Almost)

Photo by Karolina Zuraw on Unsplash

Most new and small business owners operate on shoestring budgets that leave few resources for marketing. If that describes you, take heart. You don’t have to spend big marketing bucks at the beginning (if ever). For greater brand awareness, try these tactics:

  1. Get positive reviews and testimonials. These will help establish trust and enhance the credibility of your business. Provide great service and a quality product to generate “organic” reviews (where people take it upon themselves to comment on their experience). Some customers may forget or just not think about writing a review. In those cases, reach out and ask if you feel like the customer had a good experience.
  1. Be social. Most businesses need a social media presence – but you don’t have to be everywhere. Think about your target audiences. Where do they hang out in the social media world? The answer should guide you on where to focus your time and efforts.
  1. Line up speaking gigs. This can be a highly effective marketing technique for business owners. Speaking in front of groups lets others know about you, ask questions and better understand what you have to offer. You also establish yourself as an authority and gain confidence that carries over to other areas of your business. 
  1. Build relationships with journalists. If you prove to be a good source, reporters will contact you regularly – bringing opportunities to get mentions in articles. Consider signing up for Help a Reporter Out (HARO), a free service that connects journalists and bloggers with expert sources.
  1. Have a blog that relates to your business. Take the time to produce useful, high-quality content. Your readers will come back for more – plus you’re more likely to get shares via social media. If you’re too busy to blog yourself, ask an employee or hire a writer.
  1. Volunteer strategically. Give back to your community and help your business grow at the same time. Encourage employees to do the same. If you own a pet supplies business, for example, volunteer at an animal shelter – where you or your team members may cultivate clients as you help prospective pet owners find a new furry companion.

Any suggestions to add?  Please share them in the comments section below.


About Lynne Strang

I'm a freelance writer who helps organizations and individuals meet their marketing and communications goals. I am also the author of "Late-Blooming Entrepreneurs: Eight Principles for Starting a Business After Age 40." To learn more, please visit my website: lynnebeverlystrang.com.
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2 Responses to 6 Ways to Market Your Business for Free (Well, Almost)

  1. Mike Kopp says:

    Good tips. We use them all. However, lining up speaking gigs is easier said than done.

    • Lynne Strang says:

      Here’s one way to start speaking in public: contact local civic groups and offer to give a presentation at one of their weekly or monthly meetings. Many of these organizations need interesting speakers with a good message. Another option is to contact trade associations within your industry and ask about speaking opportunities at upcoming meetings/conferences. Hope these ideas are helpful.

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