Australia-Based Entrepreneur Jumps Into the Trampoline Business

Michael Schreiber did well with bowling. Can he repeat his success with trampolines?

Among those who hope so are the creators of Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park, a Los Angeles-based company that recently struck a deal with Schreiber to bring 10 new locations to Australia. The first of these locations is slated to open in Sydney this November, marking the trampoline park’s first venture outside North America.

Schreiber, who’s in his late 40s, is the founder and CEO of Strike Bowling Bars, a $30 million business he started in 2001. As he explained in this BRW article, the Sky Zone centers in Australia will target an eight-to-25 age market and could attract around 7,000 people a week.

Unlike the bowling centers, no alcohol will be served  (“Alcohol and trampolines don’t mix very well,” Schreiber pointed out). Instead, the trampoline locations will provide healthy food cooked on site under the guidance of an executive chef.  The parks also will offer a number of high-flying activities, such as Ultimate Dodgeball and SkySlam Basketball.

“We saw an opportunity to bring Sky Zone’s original concept to a fresh new market and with its enormous success in the United States, we anticipate great things for Sky Zone Australia,” said Schreiber in this news release. “We are certain Australians are going to be wowed by Sky Zone as it will offer an exciting, new 3D experience unlike any other.”

Sky Zone, which has over 35 locations throughout the U.S. and Canada, seems to be in a strong growth mode. It has 30 additional locations under development and agreements to open 100 more in the coming years.

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  1. It is so great to hear inspirational stories about people making big changes in their lives!

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