Four Tech Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Business

Business owners aren’t IT people (usually). But they have to be able to make the right technology decisions. The wrong ones can have huge repercussions, writes John Brandon in an Tech Report posted this week.  In particular, he cautions against these four mistakes:

1. Skipping the anti-virus protection — Small companies looking to cut costs often drop anti-virus protection, especially for laptops.  As pointed out by Brandon, one virus can destroy a business — especially if you infect customer files and get sued.

2. Ignoring new tech trends — This is “a sure way to miss out on innovations that may affect your business,” writes Brandon.  “It’s also how you end up with outdated, hard-to-maintain gear that makes you less efficient.”

3.  Not reading privacy policies — They aren’t just for lawyers and geeks in the current climate of cloud storage.

4.  Allowing your phone to be stolen — “Most of the entrepreneurs I know don’t use any precautions,” Brandon writes.  “Yet if your phone is stolen, and you don’t use a screen lock, you are opening up your company to all kinds of problems, including hacking, social engineering tactics (e.g., sending a message to your assistant to email you the company financials), and outright theft.”

You can find John Brandon’s full Tech Report here.

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  1. Great advice, thanks…

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