Bill Gates’ Latest Endeavor

Since leaving Microsoft, Bill Gates has concentrated on philanthropy and advocating on public health, education and clean energy issues.  Now, he’s in discussions with China about a new initiative:  the joint development of a new type of nuclear reactor that can run on depleted uranium.

“The idea is to be very low-cost, very safe and generate very little waste,” said Gates during a talk at China’s Ministry of Science and Technology.  As much as a billion dollars could be put into research and development over the next five years.

Here’s an Associated Press article with more details about the initiative.

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4 Responses to Bill Gates’ Latest Endeavor

  1. Thank you for this. My husband had told me Bill Gates was getting into the “energy business.” I wondered, “How?” Great vision…if only we can make it safer.

  2. lbstrang says:

    Sounds like things are moving in that direction. According to the AP story, Bill Gates also is a major founder for TerraPower, a Washington state-based company that is developing a reactor which can run on depleted uranium and produce much smaller amounts of nuclear waste than conventional reactors. The safer design developed by TerraPower may benefit China, since Gates is involved in both efforts.

  3. lbstrang says:

    So do I. When this summer’s rare earthquake occurred here in Virginia, it caused the Lake Anna nuclear plants to close temporarily. It also reawakened some fears, I think.

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