Obama Signs Bill to Help Entrepreneurs, Inventors

President Obama today signed the America Invents Act during a visit to Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Alexandria, Virginia.   According to a White House news release, the legislation “will speed up the patent process so that innovators and entrepreneurs can turn a new invention into a business as quickly as possible.”  Key components of the bill include measures intended to reduce patent backlog and help entrepreneurs avoid litigation regarding patent validity.  The White House described the bill as “the most significant reform of the Patent Act since 1952.”  Here’s the news release with more details about the bill.


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6 Responses to Obama Signs Bill to Help Entrepreneurs, Inventors

  1. Thomas Jefferson is not far from my sister’s house, and I score AP exams with one of their teachers. What an interesting setting for signing such a bill. Who do you think this will really affect?

    • lbstrang says:

      Apparently, the bill signing took place at Thomas Jefferson because its students are among the brightest in the country. Some of these technology oriented students dream of becoming inventors when they get out in the real world. I’d like to think these students will be among those most affected by the bill. Perhaps the patent reforms will make it easier for them to bring helpful new products to the marketplace in the future.

  2. bwsummers says:

    My son Bryce attended the signing and heard the remarks. The bill is about speeding up and enhancing the patent process. He also tied this to increasing jobs, as start up companies can move faster towards creating new jobs related to inventions that have been pending.

  3. lbstrang says:

    What an experience for Bryce! I imagine the president’s appearance created a lasting memory for him, as well as for the other students at TJ. Thanks for reading.

  4. mark says:

    i feel really pleased to know this , thanks for sharing with us

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